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Fred. R. Ricketts

When Fred Ricketts, 94, passed away on November 6, 2018 in Kerrville, Texas, the state of Texas lost an exemplary citizen, husband, father and friend.

From childhood Fred learned the value of love and loyalty, and this is no more evident than in his 77-year marriage to his childhood sweetheart, Sybil Marie Hunter. Fred and Sybil grew together through the Great Depression, through his life-and-death bombing runs in Normandy and the Ardennes, and the joyful birth of their two children, Ronald Ricketts of Carrollton, Texas and Allison Hunter of Delray Beach, Florida.

Fred nurtured his young family with hard work and entrepreneurship. Through his firm First Main Capitol, he became well-known in Dallas for his gifts of empathy and pragmatism, as he brought disparate companies together to create strong new partnerships. At the same time, his church knew Fred as a sensitive mentor and teacher of the Word. He was equally loved for his real-world perspective on love and responsibility, and many younger people counted him a generous source of counsel.

While Fred seldom mentioned his accomplishments in WWII, he was particularly surprised and delighted in 2015 to receive the French Legion of Honor medal, a special honor bestowed for his part in the liberation of France.

With modesty, humor and a clear vision of his role in his community, Fred Ricketts set a quiet example of strength that will last as long as our memories will stand.

Fred is survived by his wife, Sybil Ricketts, 93, of Kerrville, his children Ron and Allison, his grandchild Ron Ricketts Jr and great grandchildren Allison and Cooper Ricketts of Alvord, Texas.

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